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Croats Ideal Boss – A Foreigner

If they could choose their ideal boss, 37 percent of Croats, Bosnians and Serbs would choose a foreigner, according to results from a survey conducted by job portal MojPosao.net.

Close to 30 percent of Croats say that the ideal firm to work for is one that is foreign and privately owned. A desire to work for the state is also in decline. Only 11 percent answered in favour of wanting to work for the state. The interest though was higher in Bosnia (33 percent) and Serbia (30 percent) for a government job.

Some 74 percent of those survey also did not expect to get a pay rise at all this year. Higher than the 67 percent who were not expecting one last year. 40 percent believe that a connection is the most important factor in getting a job in Croatia, with experience ranking a low 21 percent.


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