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Croats Give Government “Fail” Mark After First Year

Exactly one year after taking over the country’s leadership, Croatia’s current ruling “Kukuriku” coalition have been given a ‘fail’ mark by the nations citizens. On 4 December 2011 the Zoran Milanovic lead coalition were victorious in the nations elections but it seems those who voted them into power are not satisfied with their decision.

In a poll conducted by Nova TV, 60% of voters are “dissatisfied” with the government after its first year in charge. 32% of voters say they are “satisfied”. The results continue the trend of the first 6 months of their mandate, when there were 60% satisfied and 30% of voters satisfied with their performance.

Croats from the Primorje in the north-west of the country and Dalmatians are the most satisfied with the governments first year, with 49% and 40% respectively “satisfied”. The most disappointed Croats are in the villages and in northern Croatia with 71% and 67% “dissatisfied.

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