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Croats Eating Less Fish

Red_SnapperCroatians have traditionally led the way in Europe and the world when it comes to fish consumption, however trends are changing and according to data released by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, fewer and fewer are eating fish regularly…

The average Croat will consume around 8.5kg of fish a year, that is compared to the average Portuguese who will eat around 57kg a year. Only 3% of Croatia’s population eat fish everyday, with the average person spending just 840 kuna (110 euros) a year on fish.

In Croatia the most popular fish eaten are the cheaper varieties such as sardines and anchovies, followed by hake, mackerel and bonito. Croatia export a big part of its quality fresh fish from the Adriatic such as scampi and red mullet overseas, whilst restaurants a long the coast often will serve farmed fish or cheaper imported varieties. A large portion of imported fish into Croatia comes from Scandinavia, Morocco and South America.

Nations average annual fish consumption per person:
Iceland – 90kg
Portugal – 57kg
Spain – 44kg
Italy – 25kg
Greece – 21 kg
Croatia – 8.5kg

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