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Croats Develop Smartphone Integrated E-Bike

CroatiaAn e-bike project from Croatia is catching media attention after recently launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Visiobike is a high-tech electric bicycle with carbon fiber frame and smartphone integration. The nifty little bike can be unlocked, have its speed tracked, and even check out what is behind you via ones smartphone.

Visiobike, who are looking to raise $180,000 for the bikes development, have manufactured a prototype of the e-bike which is supported by both Android and iPhone smartphones. The smartphones have a holder on the bike’s handlebars and connects wirelessly via bluetooth. Once connected, GPS maps or statistics are available to the rider, as well as a rear-vision mirror thanks to a built-in camera. Visiobike comes in two different varieties, one with a 250W motor, and the other 500W power motor. of power, with top speed being either 15.5 mph or 31.1 mph. The lithium-ion, 14.5Ah battery lasts for around 100 kilometres.

The Visiobike costs $5,318 for the less powerful version, and back $6,749 for the advanced model.

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