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Croats Crazy For Turkey

The interest in Turkey as a tourist destination for Croatians from its Dalmatian coast is at its peak. More than 500 Dalmatians, via special charter flights, will be walking the streets of the Turkish capital this weekend.

Travel agents say that the popularity of Istanbul currently as a destination has been aided by the hysteria that Turkish soap operas have been causing in Croatia recently.

“Istanbul is a hit, definite must have, the most frequented tour, something you have to see, taste, smell and feel. (the tv soap opera’s) started it and the rest history,” a Split travel agent told Slobodna Dalmacija.

Agents are even shocked that they are taking bookings already for February next year.

“The number of Croatians going to Turkey is growing, but so is the number of Turks coming to Croatia. They are coming in big numbers, after Dubrovnik, Split is the favourite destination,” said an agent from F-tours.

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