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Croatia’s Tourism Minister: Period of grace in ‘3 plus 3’ model most important for tourism


ZAGREB, March 16 (Hina) – Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli stated on Monday that for the tourism sector the most important measure was the period of grace, such as for paying tourism taxes or tourism membership fees, and that it should be conducted in the ‘three plus three’ model.

“Measures to prop up the economy due to the current situation with the coronavirus are still being hammered out, so that they could be discussed at the government session tomorrow afternoon, and afterwards in the parliament, in order that they could be adopted by the end of the week and published in the state’s official journal, and that some of them could be implemented as of next week,” Cappelli stated.

“We find it important that to enable deferred payment,  for example, deferment of paying tourism taxes, tourism membership fees, or paying franchise appurtenant to tourism land, and that all periods of grace are organised in the ‘three plus three’ model. That is the direction we are taking, that, depending on further developments, all payments be deferred for three plus three months,” the minister said.

Cappelli added that salaries would probably be dealt with in the same way, as well as everything that can be urgently settled, so that we could be certain that we could cover it in the next six months.

However, he emphasised the importance of other measures for the tourism sector, those that are the responsibility of local authorities, such as the surcharge per bed in family accommodations, or utility charges.

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Monday also announced measures that are expected to help the economy.

Some of the economic measures Maric mentioned include deferment of paying income and profit taxes as well as contributions for a minimum of three months, with a possibility of another three, as well as deferment of loan payments.

These measures are the first step that can help entreprenurs save jobs and pay out salaries, Maric told the press outside Government House after a meeting with representatives of unions and business people.

Earlier on Monday, Maric told the RTL commercial television that the mesures were designed to ensure the liquidity of companies and citizens, and inclue deferment of income and profit taxes and contributions. “According to a draft version, deferment would be made for a period of a minimuum of three months with the possibility of another three months,” Maric said.

Speaking about loan deferment, Maric announced thepossibility of private citizens being included ias well.The measures are aimed at ensuring liquidity and creating credit lines for working capital.

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