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Croatia’s Surf’n’Fries Breaks into Vietnam

Croatia20Croatian fast food brand Surf’n’Fries are now moving into international markets after conquering parts of Croatia…

Surf’n’Fries, who specialises in fries and sauces, recently claimed to be the first in the world to make French fries without using a drop of oil via their new SURFFRY technology, a revolutionary method to cook fries using moisture from the potatoes and hot air at 250 C for a few minutes. The Rijeka-based chain has grown at home in Croatia, and now the company have announced an attack on the international market. In just a few weeks Surf’n’Fries are set to open in Montenegro, Macedonia and of all places, Hanoi in Vietnam.

“With regards to Vietnam, work has nearly been completed and we are very excited about that. We are planning to open their at the start of December. We are very happy to entre Vietnam because it is a growing market of around 90 million people and there is huge potential there,” said franchise co-owner Andrija Čolak.

Surf’n’Fries, which was founded by Čolak and Denis Polić in Rijeka in 2009, trades in seven countries with over 40 outlets. The pair, who came up with the name because of their love for fries and surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, operate a ‘royalty fee’ franchise model for their business, where the franchisees sign agreements with the master franchise.

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