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Croatia’s Politicians to Take Pay Cut

CroatiaCroatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has confirmed on Thursday that Members of Parliament salaries will be reduced, but not because of public pressure…

“We will cut those pays,” said Milanović at the start of a sitting on Thursday, before explaining the decision is not because of public pressure, but because there is no money about.

“We are not doing this because we have particularly big and warm hearts, but because the state has no more money for some things. We must determine what is important to us, what we do not touch, and also the rights of pensioners and pensions. We need to protect those who are the weakest, said Milanović.

Croatian Radiotelevision reports that the pay cut for the nation’s politicians will be 6%. Milanović came under public pressure again this week after the government had ordered over 1,500 new cars in total costing tax payers millions of euros, including luxury Audi’s worth more than 600,000 kuna.

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