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Croatia’s PMS Gallery at Largest Art Event in Asia

Design Festa in Tokyo

Design Festa in Tokyo

Zagreb’s popular PMS (Prostor Manufakturne Slobode) Art Gallery will be a guest at the largest art event in Asia…

PMS Art Gallery will be one of the exhibitors at the 44th Design Festa held in Tokyo, Japan from 26-27 November. Original handcrafted art from Croatian artists and creatives will represent Croatia at the 2-day festival which will see over 12,000 artists from all over the globe converge on the Japanese capital.

Design Festa is a celebration of the arts and serves as a platform for artists, designers, musicians, actors and more twice a year since its inception in 1994. It is the single largest art festival in Asia. The combination of performances, international cuisine, artistic expression, enrichment, diversity and passion found at Design Festa is unique.

PMS Gallery

PMS Gallery

PMS handmade Art Gallery is located at 61 Tkalčićeva street in the heart of the city of Zagreb. Since it opened in 2011 it has promoted and gathered talented creative artists from all over Croatia.

Pimp My Pump

Pimp My Pump

Among others, travelling to Tokyo will be the popular water pump street art collection Pimp My Pump, Shivam jewellery, Maya art, works by Masha Novak & Marta Grbešić, brands Driftwood, FunAttic and loads more.




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