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Croatia’s Oldest Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday

Nona Kata turned 107 this week

Nona Kata turned 107 this week (photo: screenshot 24sata)

Croatia’s oldest woman celebrated her 107th birthday this week…

Great-great-grandmother Katarina Pucić celebrated her birthday with a BBQ with family and friends at her home in the village of Žagrići in Istria this week. Nona Kata, as she is affectionately known, was born on 19 April 1909, the same year the world’s first military airplane was purchased.

Nona Kata, who has three sons, four grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren, puts her longevity down to enjoying good pršut, cheese and rakija. Nona Kata says she stopped drinking coffee when she was 105, and that when she was younger she drunk a lot of homemade rakija (fruit brandy). She believes that hard work, moderation and good food were important in staying healthy.

Although losing her sight slightly, Nona Kata’s mind has remained sharp, she knows exactly when all family members were born and what they are all up to currently. Nona Kata, who has been a widow for the last 20 years, joked with daily 24sata that it would be great if she could meet a ‘young’ man, maybe 10 years older than herself.

Nona's birthday cake (photo: istriaterramagica.com)

Nona’s birthday cake (photo: istriaterramagica.com)

“What did I enjoy the most? When I was young it was when we danced, sang and were having a good time,” Nona Kata said when she turned 100.

Happy Birthday Nona Kata.

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