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Croatia’s Oldest Street Festival ‘Cest is d’Best’ to Celebrate 20th Edition

Cest is d’Best turns 20 (photo: cestisdbest.com)

Cest is d’Best turns 20 (photo: cestisdbest.com)

The oldest street festival in Croatia will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year…

The 20th edition of the International Street Festival ‘Cest is d’Best’ will be held this year in the Croatian capital Zagreb from 26 May – 5 June 2016.

The festival, which was first held in 1997, will see around 700 street entertainers from around the globe, including clowns, trumpet players, musicians, dancers, jugglers, and acrobats, will entertain locals and tourists daily on 6 stages, bringing over 300 hours of laughter at a number of locations around the city centre.

One of the highlights this year will again be the annual Street Cleaners Race, where city centre rubbish collectors are put through their paces in a test of their speed and expertise in a race around Zagreb’s main square.

Annual Street Cleaners Race (photo: Facebook)

Annual Street Cleaners Race (photo: Facebook)

Cest is d’ Best, by the Kings of the Street, is an international multimedia street festival, which preserves Zagreb’s identity, livens city streets and squares, bringing them back charm and optimism. It erases the borders between the established forms of culture and alternative culture, brings closer all generations of citizens through various cultural preferences because each and one of them can take part in the programme.


For more information, including registering to be a performer, check out the official website: www.cestisdbest.com

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