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Croatia’s ‘Most Successful Cultural Export’ Turns 65

LadoA series of concerts this month by the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO will mark the groups 65th anniversary…

LADO, which was founded in Zagreb in 1949 and has been called Croatia’s most successful “cultural export product”, travels the world promoting Croatian culture, and consists of 35 dancers who also sing while they perform, and a group of 15 musicians who play traditional and classical instruments. LADO has had numerous famous Croatian ethnographers and choreographers, music arrangers, and folklorists work with them.

“LADO represents the rich and diverse regional musical and choreographic traditions of Croatia, which is geographically situated at a crossroad of Europe in which the Mediterranean Balkan, Pannonian and Alpine influences are found in the dances, music and costumes. LADO is often called a ‘Dancing Museum’ because of priceless and beautiful authentic national costumes (more than 1,200 costumes) some of which are 100 years old. The ensemble also presents new, contemporary musical and choreographic works based on traditional motifs and elements.”

LADO have won a number of awards, and been nominated for a prestigious Independent Music Award (IMA) in America.

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