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Croatia’s Marina Mavrinac Matulja becomes world shore angling champion

Croatian women’s team at the World Fishing Games (Photo: SRD Zubatac/Facebook)

15 February 2019 – Croatia’s Marina Mavrinac Matulja is the world champion in shore angling after winning gold at the 2019 World Fishing Games in South Africa. 

Mavrinac Matulja, who is a member of the game fishing club SRD ‘Zubatac’ in Lovran, won gold at the 27th Shore Angling Championship – Ladies which were held in Sodwana Bay, South Africa over the past 10 days. 

Shore angling, or surf casting is the sport of catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surf.

“Today I got up early, like everyone here at the world champs. Go and catch fish and enjoy it, that has always been my motto and that is how I became the world champion,”said Marina after the win, before thanking everyone at home for their support and believing in her.

Marina with her catch (Photo: SRD Zubatac/Facebook)

(Photo: SRD Zubatac/Facebook)

The 2019 World Fishing Games opened on 6 February and close on Sunday with a number of disciplines. Croatia took part in three categories – surf casting (senior men and women) and big game fishing. 

(Photo: SRD Zubatac/Facebook)

The senior Croatian women’s team of Mavrinac Matulja, Tea Radil, Sanja Lotspaich, Andrea Bajlo, Ela Galzina and Nikolina Kotlar, led by coach Luka Bučević and manager Srećko Šobot, won the bronze medal in the teams event. 

Croatian team wins bronze (Photo: SRD Zubatac/Facebook)

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