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Croatia’s mandarin orange production increases by 156%

Croatia records triple-digit increase in mandarin production

ZAGREB, April 1 (Hina) – Croatia’s mandarin orange production increased by 156% to 48,678 tonnes in 2018 from the previous year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (DZS) show.

Increases were also recorded in the production of apples (of 63.5% to 92,476 tonnes), plums (of 77.6% to 14,578 tonnes), pears (of 29.1% to 3,609 tonnes), figs (of 32.2% to 1,220 tonnes), hazelnut (of 11.2% to 1,706 tonnes) and walnut (of 28.3% to 621 tonnes).

Decreases were observed in the production of peaches and nectarines (of 53.3% to 3,451 tonnes), cherries and sour cherries (of 5.3% to 9,661 tonnes), strawberries (of 16.7% to 2,674 tonnes) and olives (of 1.8% to 28,414 tonnes).

As for vegetable production, increases were recorded in the production of cauliflower and broccoli (of 19% to 2,066 tonnes), cabbage (of 12.2% to 39,612 tonnes), lettuce (of 35.6% to 8,014 tonnes), and onion and garlic (of 31.5% to 27,321 tonnes).

Grape production was also up

At the same time, tomato production fell by 25.1% to 30,894 tonnes, cucumber and cornichon production dropped by 37.9% to 6,600 tonnes, pepper production declined by 6.5% to 18,054 tonnes and carrot production shrank by 14.4% to 11,709 tonnes.

Last year grapes production reached 143,122 tonnes, up 23.1% from 2017. The yield per vine was 1.6 kg.

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