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Croatia’s First Free Marketing Agency

A group of students from the Zagreb School of Business have started Croatia’s first free marketing agency. Promotion 3sto7 is the first marketing agency which will not charge its clients a cent in Croatia.

foto: VPŠzg

foto: VPŠzg

The concept is simple: The Zagreb School of Business wants to give students who show more potential, a chance on another field which is relevant to their future careers through working on real projects. When they eventually enter the job market they will have a diploma and work experience and have a competitive edge over other job seekers. The ‘free’ agency will work with external clients from start to finish with their projects. The agency told daily 24sata that for more difficult tasks, such as filming promotional videos, they will use external partners. After initially starting with projects from the School of Business, after just a few months interest grew and the idea to accept external clients was realised.

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