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Croatia’s famous folklore ensemble LADO opening concert season with vocal-instrumental show

LADO opening concert season with vocal-instrumental


The most famous and only national folklore ensemble in Croatia opens the concert season with a vocal-instrumental concert next week.

LADO will perform the concert titled “Sako leto ima nekaj novoga” on the summer stage of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb on May 20, 2021, starting at 8 p.m.

In addition to top dance performances, it is known that LADO’s artists can easily transform into a representative folklore choir, and in this pandemic time into a smaller vocal-instrumental ensemble.

As always, the “Sako leto ima nekaj novoga” program, performed by the orchestra and soloists of the LADO Ensemble, presents the richness and diversity of Croatian traditional music.

Through a one-hour program, LADO’s soloists and musicians will present the musical heritage of Moslavina, Posavina, Zagreb’s Prigorje, Slavonia, Baranja, Bačka, Podravina, Međimurje and Dalmatia. 

Musical arrangements are signed by Božo Potočnik, Marijan Makar, Emil Cossetto, Duško Topić, Alan Kanski, Marko First and Zlatko Potočnik.

Tickets are 100 kuna and can be purchased at Entrio outlets and on the website – https://www.entrio.hr/event/sako-leto-ima-nekaj-novoga-vokalno-instrumentalni-koncert–9120 


1.    Drmeš iz Posavskih Brega

Musical arrangement: Božo Potočnik

2.     S one strane Dunava

Musical arrangement: Duško Topić 

3.    Sako leto ima nekaj novoga

Musical arrangement: Marijan Makar

4.    Gračanski drmeš

Musical arrangement: Zlatko Potočnik

5.    Sprevajaj me draga

Musical arrangement: Marijan Makar

6.    Žensko bunjevačko kolo i Tandrčak

Musical arrangement: Božo Potočnik

7.    Nikaj duže do Miholja

Musical arrangement: Alan Kanski

8.    Do kirija vuska steza širok pot

Musical arrangement: Alan Kanski

9.    Trogirski šotić

Musical arrangement: Marijan Makar

10.  Dude peteroglasne

Musical arrangement: Marko First

11.  Oj sončece, sončece

Musical arrangement: Marijan Makar

12.  Snočka sem ti draga

Musical arrangement: Alan Kanski

13.  Zvuci s Karašice

Musical arrangement: Duško Topić

14.  Lijepo pjeva za lugom djevojka

Musical arrangement: Emil Cossetto

15.  Zelinski mužikaši

Musical arrangement: Alan Kanski

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