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Croatia’s Beer Purchasing Power Strong in Europe

It is always in the ‘positives’ column when tourists who visit Croatia reflect on the country – ‘the beer is relatively cheap’. That is all well and good for tourists bringing over the pound or the dollar or the euro, but how is it for the local, earning local wages? Not too bad by European standards as this map below highlights...

Croatia, despite its very low average wage rate, does not fare too badly, with locals on  minimum wage able to buy 212 beers a month according to the map.  Croatia was well ahead of its neighbours Bosnia and Herzegovina (167) and Serbia (186). Belgium, thanks to a healthy minimum wage and affordable beer prices tops the list, with locals affording 1,028 beers.  The UK, Ireland and Germany, big beer drinking nations, were all above Croatia with 374, 333 and 521 respectively. Georgia bought up the rear, with the minimum wage affording them 36 beers a month. (adilu)

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