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Croatia’s Audio Heritage Now Accessible Online

(photo credit: sounds of the past)

(photo credit: sounds of the past)

Croatia’s audio heritage is now easily accessible after the National and University Library in Zagreb digitized hundreds of vinyl records on 78 rpm from the early 20th century and made them available to the public…

The recordings, which include a 1907 recording of the Croatian national anthem, are available on the website Zvuci prošlosti (Sounds of the past).

Besides Croatian artists recordings from the start of last century, a number of vinyls from international labels have been digitized, such as Columbia, Parlophon, Victor, and Odeon.

The project, titled “Croatian musical heritage in sound – digitization of the oldest gramophone records on 78 RPM”, was launched in 2009 with support from the Ministry of Culture, in order to protect and open to the public Croatia’s musical heritage, which hold a special historical and cultural significance, marking the beginnings of audio publishings in Croatia.

The first gramophone records recorded by Croatian artists and works of Croatian composers, appeared in 1906. In 1900 vinyl records and gramophones were available in Zagreb.

The National and University Library in Zagreb holds close to 17,000 volumes of printed notes, 3,000 volumes of handwritten notes, more than 23,000 vinyl records and cassettes and around 7,000 compact discs. The most valuable collections are works of Croatian composers.

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