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Croatians Start To Get Exotic With First Names

Orange, Strawberry, Banana, Chicken, Hand bag, Mercedes…sound like a shopping list?, well maybe the last item only if your name is Slavica Ecclestone or Zdravko Mamic. The “Shopping list” is in fact a list of first names that have started to pop up in Croatia as the Croats become more adventurous when naming their kids.

Is it not only famous movie and rock stars who are now turning to exotic names for their children. More and more unusually usual first names are replacing the traditional Ivan, Ana, Marija and Ante  in the nation that has had a fairly traditional view on names.

Besides the traditional fruit names Jagoda (Strawberry) and Višnja (Cherry) for girls, Naranča (Orange) and Banana (Banana) are starting to make an appearance. Food seems to be a common theme when couples decided to go exotic in the naming department, with Pile (Chicken) another name to appear on the register according to website rodoslovlje.hr.

Other exotic names found registered in Croatia include Spas (Salvation), Ljuta (Hot), Torbica (small bag) and Tarzan (Tarzan).

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