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Croatians Lying To Seek Asylum In Canada?

Surprisingly Croatia is 6th on the list with the most amount of citizens seeking asylum in Canada, according to official statistics from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Office, reports daily newspaper Jutarnji list.

The Roma people in Hungary topped the list of those escaping for Canada, followed by China, Pakistan, North Korea, India and then Croatia. With Croatia’s small population it is even more surprising to see the numbers seeking asylum. Croatia, with its 4 million people, had 510 people this year seek asylum, whilst India, with 1.2 billion people, had 534.

Asylum seekers in Canada are seeking protection from ethnic, religious, sexual orientation and other forms of persecution. The paper makes that observation that it seems Croats are prepared to lie in order to leave Croatia for a better future.

Canada currently has 67 immigration programmes where one can legally enter and stay in the country. The Canadian government issue 275 working visas a year to Croatians as part of the Working Holiday Canada programme.

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