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Croatians in China to buy 10,000 masks for Red Cross back home

The Croatian community in China have launched a campaign to raise over €10,000 to purchase 10,000 KN95 masks for the Red Cross and medical staff back in Croatia, Rijeka Danas writes. 

The campaign is supported by the Croatian Embassy in China. 

We are following your praiseworthy fundraising campaign for the purchase of protective masks for the Croatian Red Cross, which we have been encouraging and appreciating from the outset, the embassy said, adding that they will also be involved in assisting with transporting of the masks on a planned scheduled flight to Croatia. 

“We wish you full success in this goal, with a big thank you to everyone, especially Vinka and Giacomo,” the Embassy added. 

The initiators of this action are Croatian Vinka Palameta, her Italian husband Giacomo Giannetto and Alex Nardin who donated surgical masks.

In China, we all had to go through this crisis firsthand. This enables us to more easily and directly find and buy the supplies needed in Croatia. The key problem now is that entities in Croatia cannot directly contact or pay local manufacturers or arrange for shipment. Our role and our advantage of being here is unique and we can use that to the benefit of everyone in our homeland, they said. (Livio Defranza)

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