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Croatians Changing the Game in Sneaker Fashion


A Croatian startup is aiming to change the fashion game with their innovatively designed sneaker tongues.

LICKS® are custom interchangeable sneaker tongues specially designed and manufactured to fit any sneaker. Once mounted-on, these unisex tongues look and feel like a genuine part of the sneaker and users and then ready to reinvent their kicks.


The idea behind LICKS® is simple – you can choose any of their tongue designs, simply attach them over your original tongues, and bring new life to your old favorite sneakers.


“Wouldn’t it be cool to have your favourite sneakers somehow be different and stick out from the rest of the crowd? Have them personalized, street fresh, following the latest trends in fashion while matching your favourite colors and style? Well, now you can,” pitches LICKS® in their video launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.


“LICKS® are simple and functional but strive for a modern expressive aesthetic. The lightweight material ensures your LICKS will fit comfortably and seamlessly to any sneaker. Thanks to our patent, you can give a new look to your kicks in a matter of seconds, and taking the tongue off is just as simple. It’s great for kids, teenagers, cool parents….everyone.”

They come in a variety of colors, materials, logos, making LICKS® the coolest, most affordable kick-ass accessory for your favorite sneakers. They are handmade from eco-leather in Croatia.

Founder Željko Hudoletnjak

The creator of LICKS® is Croatian Željko Hudoletnjak and he already has the support for his idea from some famous names, including Snoop Dogg, Tony Touch, Grandmaster Flash. The 10-team startup have offices in Zagreb and London.

Check out the campaign video below.

Check out more about the product and their campaign here.


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