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Croatian Zvijezda products now on the shelves at world’s biggest supermarket chain

Zvijezda products now available at Walmart (Photo: Zvijezda)

One of Croatia’s biggest brands is now available on the shelves of the world’s biggest supermarket chain – Walmart. 

Zvijezda delikates mayonnaise, sunflower oil, vinegar, Margo spreads and margarine are now available both on Walmart shelves and online. 

The mayonnaise recipe has been kept for more than half a century (Photo: Zvijezda)

“We are very proud that the Zvijezda products are finding their way to consumers in the United States who really have a wide choice. The biggest hit, for now, is Zvijezda delikates mayonnaise with fresh eggs and no preservatives. We have been preparing this traditional recipe for more than half a century, and in the American market, apart from taste, the surprise is that it is in the store’s refrigerator, unlike other mayonnaises that can be picked up directly from the shelves,” Zvijezda export director Krešimir Staničić told Poslovni dnevnik.

Walmart, which has 11,000 stores in 27 states, is visited by over 265 million shoppers weekly. 

Margo spreads (Photo: Zvijezda)

Zvijezda celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2016. Zvijezda, famous for its trademark edible oils, but also a great variety of other products, including mayonnaise, ajvar, sauces, margarine and vegetable fat.

Zvijezda cooking oil is the most powerful on the oil market in Croatia and is one of the nation’s most recognisable brands

Zvijezda products are available in 23 different markets around the world with 20% growth in exports over the last year.

Vinegar (Photo: Zvijezda)

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