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Croatian world record holder Božidar Deodat Krešić co-founds first Balkan Towerrunning Association 

Božidar Deodat co-founds first Balkan Towerrunning association

Božidar Deodat Krešić (Photo credit: Kristijan Cimer)

The only official global Balkan Towerrunning Association has been established. The founders are Croatian world-record holder Božidar Deodat Krešić, Boris Sontacchi and Đuro Bertić.

The Statute of the association was passed at the election assembly on 10 January as well as the decision to join the Towerrunning World Association and the election of 71-year-old Božidar Deodat Krešić as president of the association.

Deodat Krešić broke the towerrunning – singular stairing – world record on 19 December in his hometown of Osijek by running up 448 floors – 6,720 stairs – of the business centre building on Slobode Square. He achieved the result in 2 hours and 56 minutes and 40 seconds. 

Deodat Krešić will attempt to break that record in June this year by running up 600 floors and 9,000 stairs. 

The Balkan Towerrunning Association is an official member of the only legitimate governing body in the world for running stairs the Towerrunning World Association. The association is active in 12 countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey, which encompasses 74 million inhabitants (10% of Europe) and 666,700 square kilometers (6% of Europe).  

Božidar Deodat Krešić

Božidar Deodat Krešić in front of the building in Osijek where he set the record (Photo credit: Kristijan Cimer)

The peculiarity of the Statute of the Association is that all representatives of national minorities of the Balkan states can compete in competition for their original citizenship, regardless of the country in which they live. Representatives of other countries in Europe and the world can compete out of competition.

The age categories will be: juniors 12-15 years and 16-17 years, seniors 18-23 years and 24-33 years and veterans in 10 year age category increments. Everyone is able to compete – women and men, athletes, recreationists of all ages.

The first Balkan Championship will be held when epidemiological measures allow. A possible date of 24 July 2021 has been set with over 1000 competitors expected to compete.

“It is a great honour and an even greater responsibility to organise such a large mega project. An individual or individuals cannot realise this alone. I hope for the cooperation of everyone, from the state level to local government entities, Osijek-Baranja County and the city of Osijek. I especially hope that Athletics Club Slavonija Žito will get involved in the activities of the organisation. I hope that we will be able to welcome the presidency of the Towerrunning World Association with dignity,” said Deodat Krešić.

Anybody wanting to get involved in the work of the Association can apply by e-mail to: [email protected].

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