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Croatian Women Reveal What Type Of Men They Fall For

If you think that Croatian women are attracted only by a man’s physical appearance, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who don’t quite match it in the looks department with the Brad Pitt’s and Johnny Depp’s of this world, have more than half a chance with Croatian girls, reveals website Tportal.

Although various surveys reveal different things when it comes to what makes a man attract to a women, the Croatian portal decided to talk to a few locals to get their answers.

Martina, a high school biology teacher, admits that she likes ‘decent’ well-mannered guys. “Since early childhood I loved the guys who had nicely combed hair, neatly dressed, were good students and did not cause trouble. That is how it is today too. My boyfriend fits that category of men. I never paid too much attention to physical attributes, it was only important for me that the man is taller than me. Actually, when I think about it, I am not overly attracted to skinny men. But, all in all, I go for tall, decent guys, those that you can count on and those who you will not be embarrassed to bring home to Mum and Dad. You know what they say: “The type of guy your mother wishes for a son-in-law. ‘Those are the guys I’m falling for, “reveals 35-year old Martina.

27-year-old artist and musician Andrea had a slightly different criteria. “I love guys – in the true sense. I like guys with a bit longer and scruffy hair, strong but not fat. I like men to be strong and manly and to have nice fingers and nails,”said Andrea.

32-year-old Jasmina falls for the working types. “I love when they are confident in themselves, that there is less talk and more work, and someone I can lean on when I have a problem,” said Jasmina.

Nives, a 29-year-old office worker, is not the slightest bit charmed by the physical appearance of blokes. “I have been with guys who are, in the classical sense, considered ugly. My friends say I always pick guys that are ugly. That does not bother me at all,” said Nives, adding that body language and the walk someone walks is far more important.

There are those Croatians who still are turned on by physical appearance. “I fall for the Johnny Depp kind of guys, unconventionally dressed, bit longer hair and relaxed in their look.”, 34-year-old Petra revealed to Tportal

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