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Croatian Wine & Olive Oil Tickling Chinese Fancy

China’s Ambassador to Croatia Shen Zhifei, says that quality Croatian wines and olive oil are paving the way for other Croatian products on the massive chinese market.

“Croatian wines and olive oil have opened up the huge chinese market for Croatian products. Some Croatian wines are already on the market in China and are very popular. A lot of people say to me that Croatian wines are really the most quality in the world. If you have any products like Croatian wines, then the chinese market is open,” said Shen.

The interest in Croatia as a tourist destination for the chinese is also growing rapidly. Last year there were 22,000 chinese tourists in Croatia, and in the first seven months of this year there has been more than double the amount of tourists than there were last year.

Shen, speaking to portal index, says the numbers will grow even more once visa restrictions are relaxed.

“Chinese tourists need visas, and the process to get a visa for Croatia is rather complicated. I hope Croatia becomes a member of the EU, and soon a member of the Schengen visa regime so that it will become easier for chinese tourists to visit Croatia,” said Shen.

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