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Croatian War To Be Made Into TV Series

Croatia’s War of Independence, which was fought in the country in the early 1990’s, is about to be made into a television series by national broadcaster Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT).

The six-episode series, say HRT, will be a local variant of the hugely successful american series “Band of Brothers”, writes Tportal.

The first episode in the series will be based on real events that took place 1991, in what is famously known as the “Battle of Pakrac”, when Croatian soldiers carried out a counterstrike against rebel serbs.

The episode will also follow several small groups of Croatian soldiers who, via guerrilla tactics, are trying to stop a tank-infantry attack by the Yugoslav National Army (JNA).

The third episode of the series is dedicated to the Croatian town of Vukovar, and follows the fate of a group of volunteers who came from all over Croatia to fight.

“Operation Hurricane” is the title of the fourth episode, which takes place in western Slavonia, and follows the fate of a mother who has lost her 3-year-old child, after which the Croatian army prepare to release the Orahovica area.

In the last episode, titled “Operation Storm”, just before the start of the operation, a group of scouts led by Bozo, attack rebels in the Krajina area. After destroying bunkers, the group move towards the hill in a remote area where there is antenna relay being guarded by small group of JNA soldiers. It’s a place that has special meaning to Bozo, because of the events from the start of the war, when the balance of forces was quite different.

The tv series script is written by Ivan Pavlicic and directed by Kristijan Milic.  HRT are currently looking for an independent producer for the series.

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