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Croatian Top 10: Massimo Back at Number One

There has been movement at the top of the Croatian Music Charts this week with Massimo knocking Quasarr ft. Josipa Lisac from the number one spot. There was a new entry into CMC’s Top 10 this week also – Luka Nižetić with his tune Vječno. Check out the latest top 10 released last night by CMC (Croatian Music Channel) below.

1. Massimo – Suze nam stale na put

2. Opća Opasnost – Nenapisana stranica
3. Davorin and Bogovići – Nizbrdo od ljubavi
4. Oliver Dragojević – Moje lipo
5. Detour – Srce veliko
6. Radio Luxsemburg – 100 Metera do sreće
7. Quasarr ft. Josipa Lisac – Ljubav
8. Nina Badrić – Čežnja
9. Parni Valjak – Samo da znaš
10. Luka Nižetić – Vječno

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