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Croatian Teenagers: ‘Money Not the Be All and End All’

la-bodega_58% of Croatian secondary school students believe money is important, but that it is not the be all and end all, according to a survey conducted by HPB

35% said that money is important because it ‘makes the world go round’, whilst 7% think that money is not important at all, staying that values such as love and health were more important. 50% of the secondary school students who answered the survey in Croatia said that they would rather get a job that they loved regardless of what it paid. 32% said they would do a job they hated if it paid extremely well, whilst 18% said they had not thought about it.

When it came to knowing what the average salary was in Croatia, 83% of respondents knew roughly what it was. When the students were asked if their parents salary was enough to cover living costs, 13% said they did not know, whilst 35% said that their parents income was not enough. 52% said that their salaries were enough.

51% of students said they received pocket-money (300 kuna maximum) per month. When asked when they planned to start earning their own money, 61% replied after finishing university, 28% said immediately after they leave secondary school, whilst 11% were not thinking that far ahead.

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