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Croatian Takes Headphone Untangling Invention to Indiegogo

whyknotAnyone who has suffered from tangled headphones syndrome knows how frustrating it can be to have to untangle your headphones every time you whip your mp3 or mobile out of your pocket or bag to use.

Well Croatian Mladen Šimić (27) has come up with an invention to make sure that you never waste your time again untangling headphones. Šimić is the man behind the unique product Why knot?, and this week he has launched a campaign with international crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help get much-needed funding to propel the product onto the international market.

Why Knot? is special for its unique design and simply logic: once your headphones are in it, it creates a closed loop. Once in that position, some strange but mathematically proven law disables them from getting tangled. Why Knot? come in 6 different colours and are manufactured in Zagreb. Check out the campaign below.

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