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Croatian Student’s Gold Medal ‘Revolutionary’ Electricity Innovation


Robert Sigurnjak (photo credit/Nika Mokos/Global

Robert Sigurnjak, a third grade student at the Zagreb Technical School ‘Ruđer Bošković’, has designed two innovations that may soon bring a revolution in the way we use electricity…

Robert’s latest innovation could mean a big step forward in the use of electric vehicles.

“Wireless transmission of electricity uses an electromagnetic field to convey electric power between the transmitter and receiver. Wireless charging of electric cars works in the same way as a transfer – the electric arrives at a parking space which is equipped for wireless charging,” Sigurnjak explained to student newspaper Global.

The car then wirelessly charges in the parking spot, taking approximately 20 to 30 seconds to charge.

A special feature of this innovation is the fact that the vehicle can be recharged up to 150,000 times without changing the super capacitor that is built-in instead of a rechargeable battery.

Robert’s innovation has already won awards. It won the gold medal at the Exhibition of Inventions INPEX in Pittsburgh, USA.

But before this revolutionary invention Robert experimented with super capacitors and came up with an innovation that could replace today’s standard batteries.

“Hybrid electric power source works on the principle of a combination of rechargeable batteries and super capacitors. Batteries can store a large amount of energy, and super capacitors can provide a much higher energy output and output “, Robert says, adding that the innovation is now in its final stages.

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