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Croatian Stereotypes – Regional

By Iva Ralica

A stereotype is defined as ‘a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing’.

There are loads of broad stereotypes about people in most countries. For example the Germans and Swiss are organised, Italians are good lovers, the French are arrogant, the Spanish are lazy and the Irish are always drunk.

Harmless, oversimplified images developed over time.

Here is a light-hearted look at the main regional stereotypes which exist internally in Croatia.


People from the capital are considered cold and reserved.

Another stereotype is they like to portrait themselves as ‘upper class’. With the capital being the biggest and most advanced part of the country, some are believed to project themselves to be posh or posers.


People from Zagorje in the north of Croatia are (always) right and are born with “a baccalaureate”. They like keeping things in order and hold on to their piece of land, sometimes literary, that´s what the famous “mejaš” or border lines are about.

They have vineyards on their land and make wine. They are renowned for consuming this heavenly product on all occasions.

It is also very important to be fair, or to be fair to yourself to be correct. If you ever get “tužil bum te” (threatened to be sued) from a local, beware, the dispute goes into a lawyers hands and there is no coming back. The justice (of the Zagorac) will win.


People from Slavonia love to eat and expect all their guests to do the same. Meat, meat and more meat, especially sausages and goulash.

People from Slavonia love to party and are known to be jolly people. They can drink most people under the table.

They are the only  ones who can keep up with the people from Zagorje when it comes to drinking.


The stereotype for people from Istria is that they are well off. Have a lot of money but are not too happy in spending it. Tight.

They are also renowned as being ‘left-wingers’ and a bit nervous.


Dalmatians are renowned for being lazy. The phrases Pomalo and Fjaka don’t help repel that stereotype.

Girls from Dalmatia have a ‘special’ temper and they fight intensely.

The men are all fishermen and sailors who love to guzzle wine and burst into traditional Dalmatian song. Blue and white striped t-shirts and gold chains are stereotypical clothing of the Dalmatian.

Can you add any to any of the regions?

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