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Croatian Start-Up Creates Solution to Accelerate Internet of Things Product Development

Ivan Golubic

Thursday, June 28, 2018 – Zagreb, Croatia – Mobile Vehicle Technology, a start-up from Croatia has developed a solution which shortens the process of developing new IoT products in any industry from two years to only two months. It also reduces the cost from at least 200,000 euros as an initial investment, to just 300 euro per month and it can collect and analyse data from various sources.

Their product is called IoTaaP – Internet of Things as a Platform. It includes hardware, software and a cloud in one bundle. It enables everyone, from start-ups to large corporations to quickly and with less cost to develop their new IoT product. IoTaaP offers data analytics combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence for data collection, analytics, predictive analytics and maintenance.

Ivan Golubic

Ivan Golubic, co-founder of MVT and engineering manager stated, ‘’We have a major advantage over the competition because other companies offer only sensors or a cloud solution. For example, Amazon offers the IoT cloud and then you need to develop hardware, internet connectivity and cloud integration on your own. This requires a large number of resources while we provide you with all the infrastructure and let you develop your own IoT product thus helping you to reduce time to market.’’

According to Luka Beban, co-founder and business development manager in MVT, there are 6000 companies in Europe which need a product like IoTaaP. Their plan is to win ten percent of the market in the next 18 months. ‘’We are a team of eight experienced people, mostly developers, HR and a marketing expert but we are in a need for an experienced salesman. There is already an initial interest from Switzerland and one international group is testing our product’’ said Beban.

IoTaaP gateway

‘’IoTaaP will officially launch in September and we will be completely ready for the market’’ said, Luka Beban.

IoTaaP pricing

About Mobile Vehicle Technology

Mobile Vehicle Technology was founded two years ago by an awarded Croatian inventor Ivan Golubic and a legal expert and a lawyer Luka Beban. Their first big project was creating Grunner X – the World’s first smart electric bicycle with a stunning range of 350 km with only one charge.

Grunner X uses the optimization system of IoTaaP and is now tested by Dubai Police. The same IoT system which works in the background of Grunner X has been integrated into Flow smart traffic management system which brought MVT a victory at the Startup Factory Zagreb.

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