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Croatian singer Tiho Orlić ready for first solo Canadian concert

Croatian singer Tiho Orlić ready for first solo Canadian concert

Tiho Orlić (Photo: Supplied)

Opća Opasnost and Tiho Orlić from Croatia will perform a one-off concert in Ontario, Canada next month.

The concert, which will also mark the 30th anniversary of the band Opća Opasnost, will take place at Nashville North, Norval Ontario on May 13th, 2023. 

Tiho Orlić, who first made his name collaborating with Marko Perković Thompson, performing hundreds of concerts together, as well as tours around Croatia and in the diaspora, is particularly looking forward to returning to Canada.

Orlić has had a lengthy music career as a singer and producer, after releasing his first solo album in 2004 with Croatia Records, and we caught up with him ahead of what will be his first time performing solo in Canada.

“I have been many times to Canada and performed throughout this beautiful country in many cities, but in a different role, as a member of the band and music producer of M.P.  Thompson. This time it will be my first concert in Canada as a solo artist.  

Of course, I’m coming with my band, and I’m especially glad that it will be in the best possible company of my dear friends and one of the best bands in Croatia “Opća Opasnost” who are celebrating 30 years of existence.

The last time I was in Canada was some 8 or 9 years ago as part of the Ora et labora tour with Thompson, when we had concerts in Toronto and Vancouver.

Coming to Canada again brings back some of the most beautiful memories for me and I can’t wait to see our people there and also many friends I met more than 20 years ago since I first performed there. 

This is the one of the best organized Croatian communities outside the homeland, which is always knew how to preserve our traditions, values ​​and, in addition, become an important and respected part of Canadian society,” Orlić told us.

Croatian singer Tiho Orlić ready for first solo Canadian concert

Tiho Orlić (Photo: Supplied)

What can fans in Canada expect from the upcoming concert?

I’m sure it will be a powerhouse! I think our fans there have never seen such a combination in one place and the amount of energy that will be at the concert. I can promise you that, because you will hear a huge number of excellent songs and performing skills from both bands. 

You will have free time there, is there anything you want to see in particular?

I was lucky enough to visit a lot of places before, but there are so many beautiful things there that I would like to visit that it is difficult to list them all…and there is always a lack of time. Canada is a really magical part on the planet in many ways.

What was it like to work with Thompson and what did you learn in those days?

It is difficult to explain it in a few words. Along with charisma, talent, life path, the feelings he had inside him, get the best out me in every sense, especially musically. I found a unique way to express myself, as you can hear through the musical arrangements, live shows and albums production I did for him at the time.  

We grew and progressed together year after year, always looking forward and exchanging ideas how to make things even better, from songs, sound, lots of rehearsals, studio work, maybe some new little details that maybe only we can hear, but make us happy. A lot of touring, big shows all over the world, nice memories, experiences and temptations. 

And what did I learn ? maybe what Rocky says: Keep Punching!

Croatian singer Tiho Orlić ready for first solo Canadian concert

Tiho Orlić (Photo: Supplied)

Where have you performed outside Croatia and what so far has been your favourite concert?

All over the world as I mentioned before. From Australia, almost every European country to Canada and U.S.A., but my favorite concerts where at the sold out stadiums in Split (Poljud) and in Zagreb (Maksimir). As a solo artist, my favorite show was in Germany, Frankfurt in Fraport Arena in front of 13.000 people 5 years ago. 

What have you been up to recently? 

I was honored to perform at the reception of the coach of the Croatian national football team, Zlatko Dalić, in his native Livno, on the main square, celebrating success at the World Cup in Qatar in a wonderful atmosphere as our dear Zlatko deserves.

What do you have planned in 2023 with your music?

I never plan much, I prefer things to happen spontaneously, but I believe that I will have inspiration for new songs, and there will definitely be a lot of concerts this year. Stay safe and see everyone soon on May 13 in Norval, Nashville North!

Opća Opasnost celebrating 30 years with concert in Canada

To purchase tickets for the concert can email: [email protected] or contact John on 416-768-8060 or Tony 647-680-5319

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