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Croatian Recipes: Crni Rižot – Black Risotto

crni rižot (photo credit: Nema Problema)

A dish that is popular in the Dalmatian region is crni rižot, or black risotto. Cuttlefish and squid are the stars of this risotto, which is given its unique presentation thanks to ink from the cuttlefish which is added to the dish just before it is finished. A bit of grated parmesan cheese and you are ready to go.

Check out this recipe below and give it a go at home.


Cuttlefish – 150 g
Rice (arborio) – 200 g
Onion – 1
Tomato concentrate – 2 tablespoons
White wine – 100 ml
Parmesan cheese – 100 g
Sugar – pinch
Olive oil
Cuttlefish ink


1. Clean and cut up the cuttlefish.

2. In a heated pan with olive oil fry the diced onions, add a pinch of sugar and then add the cuttlefish to soften. Fry together and then add garlic, salt and tomato concentrate. Mix well.

3. When the cuttlefish has softened add the rice, white wine, salt, and pepper. Cook on a low-med heat and keep stirring, adding water as required as the liquid gets absorbed.

5. Add the cuttlefish ink just before the rice is cooked (as much as you prefer), and olive oil and parsley and cook till thickens and the rice is ready.

6. At the end add a knob of butter, season with salt and pepper and serve with parmesan cheese.

Dobar Tek!

(image: Liimetka/Instagram)

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