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Croatian Recipes: Cherry strudel

Cherry strudel (Photo: Fini Recepti)

The table at Christmas time in Croatian households is full of wonderful foods.

It is no secret Croatians love to celebrate occasions with food and desserts are also a main priority.

You will find such delights as fritule, kroštule, kiflice, poppy seed and walnut rolls and of course strudels.

Apple and cherry strudels are the most popular and here to help you prepare one this Christmas is Crochef with his sour cherry recipe.

It’s simple to make and tastes great served with cream or custard or on its own. 


Sour cherries – 1.5 kg
Filo pastry
Cinnamon – 2 teaspoons
Vanilla sugar – 15 g
Brown sugar – 300 g
Breadcrumbs – 50 g
Oil – 150 ml
Milk – 150 ml
Icing sugar


1. If using fresh cherries wash them and take out the pips. Place cherries in a bowl and add the icing sugar, vanilla sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon and carefully mix.

2. In another bowl mix oil and milk and then brush the filo pastry with the mixture.

3. Sprinkle breadcrumbs over the mixture on the pastry then add the cherries.

4. Roll the pastry (2 sheets thick) into the strudel shape. If pastry is thick then only 1 layer needed.

5. Place in a greased tray and again brush the pastry with the oil and milk mixture.

6. Place in heated oven for 25-30 minutes on 180°C.

7. Once ready let it cool and sprinkle with icing sugar on top.

Dobar tek!

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