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Croatian Reality: 80,000 Workers on Minimum Wage

CroatiaOne in every 17th worker in Croatia earns the minimum monthly gross wage of 395 euros, reports daily Novi list

According to data from the Tax Office, there were 78,822 workers who in the first seven months of 2014 were on the minimum wage or less. The month of March saw the highest number of workers on the minimum wage recorded (81,400).

Under the minimum wage law, it is possible in exceptional cases where an employer may contract an employee for up to 5% less than the minimum wage. Judging by the Tax Office data, around 32,000 employees of the 78,822 were receiving less than the minimum wage. Workers on the minimum wage in Croatia earn 79.50 kuna (just over 10 euros), which needs to cover all living expenses, and syndicates have been trying for a number of years to get the minimum wage lifted. The Minister of Labour and Pension System are currently in negotiations with Unions about the level of the minimum wage for 2015.

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