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Croatian Queen of Pop Splits With Serbian Tycoon

After just two years together, the love story between Croatia’s most famous pop singer Severina and Serbian copper baron Milan Popovic has ended.

“It is true, we are not together anymore,” 40-year-old Severina was quoted as saying in today’s edition of Gloria magazine.

Speculation has been rife in the media for a while that things have not been right between the couple. In February 2012, Severina gave birth to the couple’s son, Aleksandar.

Severina met the wealthy 47-year-old Serbian businessman at his birthday celebration in December 2010, where she was hired to perform. The couple’s relationship has caused massive media interest in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Popovic was quoted in Serbian media recently saying that he and Severina would like to have a lot of kids and had even contemplated adoption.

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