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Croatian Products Presented at 14th Hong Kong Food Festival

PIK Vrbovec’s Boris Cvetković at the Hong Kong Food Festival

Croatian food companies PIK Vrbovec and Belje have presented their meat products at the Hong Kong Food Festival, which took place last week.

The companies have presented its range of Kulens and salamis, included some infused with truffles and walnuts, to the asian market for the first time.

The 14th Hong Kong Food Festival was held over 5 days and gathered producers from all over the globe. This year the festival attracted over 1.25 million visitors.

PIK Vrbovec exports its products to markets part of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), and to over 15 countries in the EU, including Italy, Romania, Sweden, Hungary, Germany and Austria. Export sales made up 19% of total sales in 2016.

“As we already export some products to Hong Kong, this is fair was a great opportunity for PIK Vrbovec to present its meat products. PIK’s quality and innovation in manufacturing, in both its cured and fresh meat products, have been recognised in foreign markets and that is why we believe that participation at this event will contribute to further business expansion in the Asian market, which is for us particularly interesting and challenging”,said PIK Vrbovec’s Export Director, Boris Cvetković.

Meanwhile, Sales and Marketing Manager for Belje, Ivica Starčević, said that presenting the famous flavored sausage ‘Kulen’, traditionally produced in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia, was a great opportunity.

Kulen (photo credit: belje.hr)

“Baranjski kulen and kulenova seka are products with a rich tradition and great quality which Belje produce according to traditional recipes of old masters. They are such authentic specialty products with which we present to export markets around the world. Asian markets are interesting to us because of their tendency for piquant foods and products from the best pork, which is what Baranja kulen is.”

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