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Croatian Post boosts fleet with 20 new electric vehicles 

(Photo: Croatian Post)

ZAGREB, 19 September 2020 – Croatian Post has expanded its “green” fleet with 20 new electric vehicles. The new vehicles represent the continuation of many years of procurement of electric vehicles and renewal of the vehicle fleet in accordance with the reduction of harmful impact on the environment and higher energy efficiency.

There are now a total of 220 electric vehicles in the fleet of Croatian Post, of which 40 are four-wheelers. The range of the quadricycle is 60 km with one charge, and the maximum speed is 45 km / h. The volume of the luggage tank is 300 l, and the load capacity is about 150 kg.

(Photo: Croatian Post)

The introduction of electric vehicles contributes to reducing the operating costs of the vehicle fleet and increasing energy efficiency. These vehicles enable better mobility in city cores and optimise efficiency by gradually reducing fossil fuel vehicles. 

By using 40 electric quadricycles for delivery, Croatian Post will significantly reduce its carbon footprint because carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by as much as 15.2 t.

(Photo: Croatian Post)

Funds for the purchase of the 20 new electric ATVs were co-financed by grants from the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency.

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