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Croatian parliament passes law giving sanitary inspectors greater powers

(Photo: Vlada Republike Hrvatske/CC license)

ZAGREB, April 17 (Hina) – With 80 votes for, 16 against and 21 abstentions, parliament on Friday amended the law on the protection of the population from communicable diseases, expanding the powers of sanitary inspectors and listing COVID-19 among such diseases.

Sanitary inspectors will now be able to order self-isolation at home or other adequate premises as well as organised quarantine for persons who flout security measures.

The amended law defines misdemeanours and fines for self-isolation and quarantine violations ranging from HRK 8,000 to 15,000.

Also, the decision proclaiming a communicable disease epidemic will be made by the government, while the minister of health will be authorised for the adoption of a decision proclaiming the threat of such an epidemic.

Furthermore, the national civil protection authority will act and make decisions in cooperation with the Health Ministry and the Croatian Institute of Public Health, under the government’s supervision.

The law includes amendments by the IDS, PGS, RI parliamentary group and Italian minority MP Furio Radin that every county be authorised to asses the epidemiological situation and the acceptability and feasibility of measures on its territory to facilitate faster and more efficient decision making to curb the spread of an epidemic.

Other opposition amendments were voted down.

By majority vote, parliament also amended the Sports Act to enable the reallocation of funds in order to keep jobs in sports.

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