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Croatian Motorway Speed Limit Down to 115kph?

motorwayHow far away are we from seeing 115km per hour speed limits on Croatian motorways? Perhaps not too far according to a report from Russia Today… 

The report suggests that The European Commission is looking into the possibility of fitting all the cars in the 28-member states of the EU with compulsory speed limiters. The device which would be fitted to both old and new cars, would automatically apply the brakes whenever a car exceeded a speed of around 115 kph. The idea, which has been met with disdain in Germany, the home of the autobahn, is to increase safety on motorways in the EU and reduce the current number of.30,000 deaths on European roads every year.

A decision on whether the idea will go any further is expected to be made in the New Year. Car manufacturer Porsche says that for some, it’s a clear indicator of The European Commission overtaking what should be national matters.

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