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Croatian Motorists in EU Beware

CroatiaCroatians driving across the border into the EU will have to be extra carefull now to keep within the laws on the roads in those countries, as it has just become easier for foreign police to track down law breakers…

From the 7th of November fines for traffic violations in the EU will be sent to the home addresses of the culprits in question. The traffic offenses for which police will be able to exchange information with police in the home country of the offender are:

1. Speeding
2. Driving without a seat belt
3. Driving through a red light
4. Drunk driving
5. Driving whilst using a mobile phone

If a Croatian driving in say Austria commits one of the above offences, Austrian police can now just access the Croatian Internal Affairs database and issue the fines to their Croatian address in the Croatian language. Not all nations in the EU have agreed to this however, with the UK, Ireland, Poland and Denmark not signing the agreement.

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