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Croatian law firm to inform Croats abroad about the judicial system

Don Markušić

Do you have land in Croatia and it is unclear who is the landowner? Do you want to open a company in Croatia? Do you want to find out about particular legal traps? Do you have other legal questions you want answered?

If so, then join Crodiaspora on Monday, May 18th at 6:30 p.m. Croatian time (UTC+1) for the second Crodiaspora COK online academy webinar. 

“We are excited to have Don Markušić, lawyer and president of the Association of Croatian American Professionals Zagreb, and Monika Maretić, Lawyer, to discuss what you need to know about the Croatian legal system,” Crodiaspora said.

Don Markušic is the only Common Law lawyer that is part of the Croatian Bar. A Croatian returnee from Australia, he is the Vice President of Transparency international Croatia and is a lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy in Zagreb where he teaches future Croatian diplomats on how to represent Croatia abroad. He has practiced law in multiple countries including Australia, Austria, and Croatia.

Office of Markušić & Maretić Law Firm in Zagreb

Monika Maretić is an attorney and partner at Markušić & Maretić Law Firm. She studied Law at the University of Zagreb, completing her LLB and LLM in record time. She has the distinction of passing the Croatian Bar Exam with a perfect score in 2018. She has worked in various roles including working at the Croatian Parliament and multiple law firms around Croatia.

“Crodiaspora wants to answer your legal questions with as much detail possible. Send us your questions at [email protected] ahead of Monday’s Webinar so that Don and Monika can prepare their legal advice.”

The webinar will be broadcasted on Crodiaspora’s Facebook Page here.

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