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Croatian Labour 4 Times Cheaper Than EU Average

Croatia’s labour force is paid up to 4 times less than the European Union average. Currently the gross hourly rate in Croatia is just a mere 6 euros, 4 times less than the EU average, 5 times less than in Germany and Austria, and 30-50% less than in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Salaries in the Eurozone slightly grew in the last quarter of 2012 with an increase of 1.3% . Eurostat reported that the end of 2012 salaries had increased in Romania, Estonia and Hungary by between 6 to 8%. Only Spain and Slovenia were in a downward trajectory.

Workers with higher education in Croatia earn around 8,300 (1,100 euros) net per month, whilst those with college degrees earn on average 6,400 (900 euros) monthly. Skilled workers earn 5,800 (800 euros) net per month, according to the Central Bureau for Statistics.

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