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Croatian Kids Lead Europe for Foreign Language Learning

Croatia leads Europe in foreign language learning for kids

Croatia is at the very top in Europe for the number of primary school kids who learn a foreign language, Eurostat statistics reveal.

In Croatia 99.9% of primary school kids learn a foreign language, placing it 5th best on the list in the European Union.

Only Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta and Austria are ahead of Croatia on the list with 100% of kids learning a foreign language in primary school.

The worst performing nations were Portugal (35,4%), Belgium (36,7%), Holland (42,9%) and Slovenia (49,8%).
Behind Croatia were nations such as Spain (99,4%), France (99,2%), Italy (98,6%), Romania (98,3%) and Poland (97,6%).

English the most popular

When it came to learning more than one foreign language, Croatia was 4th in Europe, Jutarnji list says.

Nations ahead of Croatia for school kids learning more than one foreign language were Luxembourg (83,7%), Estonia (30,7%) and Greece (28,9%). Croatia and Iceland were fourth with 19.7%.

English is the most popular foreign language taught with 17.5 million kids learning it (83.5%). Second place was French, followed by German, Spanish, Russian and Italian.

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