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Croatian Justin Bieber: Fame Won’t Get To My Head

Endi Schrotter, known as the Croatian Justin Bieber after becoming an overnight internet sensation with his single Atom, says he won’t let fame get to his head.

Schrotter (15) was first discovered in Croatia after appearing in the TV show Supertalent, where he got the name as the Croatian Billy Elliot. His first single Atom has had close to 80,000 views on YouTube after only a few days.

“Justin Bieber is really popular and I am flattered to be compared to him. Popularity is nothing new as for a while I have been recognised on the streets. Girls come up to me and want photos and my autograph. I have liked it all and it’s all been a positive experience, I don’t think fame will go to my head,” Schrotter told Jutarnji list paper.

Watch the Croatian Bieber in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgrjcc0Su6o

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