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Croatian Innovators Take Kuwait By Storm

Croatian innovators have blown away the competition at a Innovators Fair in Kuwait and returned home with not only a number of medals, but also business contacts.

The most successful Croatian innovator at the Middle-east fair was Ivana  (pictured), who won a gold medal and was also awarded the title of “First Women” at the fair for her facial cream product.

‘It contains two types of stem cells, from apples and roses, and it prevents and works on a range of skin problems. Women were extremely interested in the product, so we were pleasantly surprised, “says Legovic.

Marko Kravar’s innovation of turning a plain bit of plastic into a useful tool for boaters was a sell out at the Kuwait fair. “It regulates the height where a boat’s fender needs to be, and is held together with a cleat, there is nothing to tie at all and it is for all boaties who do not know how to tie knots, and there are a lot of them,” explains Marko about his Crofender product.

Meanwhile Drazen Vulama’s Nesu card, a small card which protects people from dangerous radiation from cell phones and other devices, sold out in just a day.

“This Nesu card absorbs and neutralises negative energy of cell phone radiation. It stabilises human energy, transforming negative energy of cell phone radiation into neutral,” said Vulama, adding that the cards sold out in just one day.

The Croatian expedition to the middle-east was a huge success with 10 medals in total and numerous business contacts made, reports Dnevnik.hr.

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