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Croatian Innovation: The ‘Gmobile’

(hrt screenshot)

(hrt screenshot)

Not many people can boast that they have invented their own vehicle, but 20-year-old Ivan Golubić can…

Ivan has invented the ‘Gmobile’, an idea that he came up with over a year ago and which is now creating attention in his home town of Bregana Pisarovinska, just outside the capital Zagreb.

Ivan has developed the vehicle from scratch. He has made everything on the vehicle at home, except for the wheels and battery which were also made in Croatia. The ‘Gmobile’ has both a motor and battery, which can travel around 50 kilometres before it needs charging.

(hrt screenshot)

(hrt screenshot)

Ivan is working in the next month or two on making the vehicle automatic.

“You will be able to take the vehicle to the shops and then send it off to park by remote. When you are done in the shop you can control it to come back for you. Everything will be controlled via an app on your smart phone,” he explains to HRT.

Ivan will take his Gmobile next month to the innovation fair in Germany. Whether it will be the vehicle of the future time will tell. Good luck, Ivan.

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