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Croatian Influence Helps New US MasterChef Runner-Up

screenshotThe newly crowned runner-up of the US version of ‘MasterChef’ says she learnt everything she knows from her Croatian-born father.

Natasha Crnjac (26) last night lost fellow finalist Luca Manfe to finish 2nd in the 4th season of the biggest cooking competition in America. Crnjac was born in South Africa to a Croatian father and an Argentinian mother before moving to the US when she was 9-years-old. The mother of one says that she cooked her first meal at the age of 15 and learnt everything from her father.

“Everything that comes from my cooking inspiration has been from watching and learning from him for as long as I can remember. Then it just turned into an addictive passion. I think it’s incredible what you can do with food, and how it can really bring people closer together,” said Crnjac.

MasterChef US 2013 Winner Natasha Crnjac

MasterChef US 2013 Runner-Up Natasha Crnjac

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